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TimelineDB: Kick Off

My New Side Hustle

This entire project, started with this picture.

I was roaming the Interwebs, and came across this photo. First things first, I have no idea if this is true.

And quite frankly, I don’t care.

The story goes…the Munsters and Leave it to Beaver were recorded on the same set. If you watch carefully, you can see parts of the set from one show, on the other show. This got me thinking…how many shows overlap like this? How much fun would it be, to be able to navigate these connections between characters, places, etc.

Then I started thinking about overlaps in books? In TV shows? What else?

What do I do with this? Let it go and move on? Nope. I am going to build an app to allow me to pull these fun facts out, whenever I want.

These posts will be the story of how I arrive at the destination. I plan for this project to be not only about the final product, but how I get there. Since I have no customer, and no demands on this product aside from my own, I decided to write about the process and my design process and my build process. I am going to do this the way “I think is right”, and document the process as I go.

I may even welcome feedback.

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