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My Magic Mirror

My current job is as a Solution Consultant for Hyland Software, Inc. Seems like all of my posts start that way these days. I have had a renewed interest in tech lately, in both my professional aspects of my life but also in the nerdier of aspects of my life. I mention, my employer because I have worked on our flagship, on-prem product OnBase for a couple of decades now. About a year…maybe a year and a half ago…I began working with our new Content Platform teams implementing Nuxeo, a cloud native ECM. Very different from OnBase.

I have since endeavored to knock the rust off of some older skills as they have again become new. Unix, Linux, MacOS, SSH, terminal sessions, etc. I am a hardcore Windows guy. I adored XP, and I love 11. I think 10 is perfectly fine. While I lived in the Microsoft bubble, so much happened in the world of software development that I am excited to see so many new things for me to learn, and some old for me to re-learn.

Enter my Raspberry Pi. A few years back, I got a Canakit Raspberry Pi 3 kit as a birthday gift. The Pi sat on my shelf barely used. I played with the OS a bit, but never did much. So last year, I decided I would get it set back up, upgraded to the latest OS, and running something useful.

I plan to document my process here, as I go. Until I get that writing done…here are some screenshots from my first implementation of MagicMirror2 on a Raspberry Pi 3.

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