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Enterprise Content Management
Solution consultant
25+ years of experience

Professional Profile

I have been working on Enterprise Content Management projects for 25+ years, working on many a diverse team, using a number of products, tools, frameworks, and methods acting in a variety of roles within each project. I am a Consultant by title, but I have abundant experience managing projects, leading multi-disciplinary teams and contributing to the successful implementation of a wide range of software projects.

I pride myself in my willingness to take on challenges that take me out of my comfort zone. I prefer to work in a team environment where information is shared among team members, allowing all to benefit.

I have a reputation for concise documentation and for my comfort in working directly with customers as well as in a back office role as developer.

Above all else…I am passionate. I am loyal, often to a fault. I will drink the Kool-Aid, die on the hill, think out of the box, and will shift my paradigms if you like, but I will always do my best to simply provide the product that is necessary for proper user experience.

I am currently employed by Hyland Software, Inc. makers of OnBase, Nuxeo, and Alfresco. We are the pre-eminent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider on the planet.

I began working with OnBase in 2005 as a consultant for a Hyland partner located in Virginia. I didn’t take a picture then, but when I first stood at the bottom of the stairs in the atrium of Building 1 in Westlake, our customer number was 5510. I smiled. I was home.

Hyland eventually acquired that partner-company for whom I worked, and I have now called Hyland home, ever since. My plan is to retire from Hyland.


Requirements Definition
Agile Implementation
User Experience
Workflow and Automation
Case Management
Full Stack Implementation and Design


Hyland Software, Inc.

Solution Consultant 3
Content Services Platform (CSP)
May 2022 – Present

I have been offered and decided to accept the role of Solution Consultant in the Content Services Platform (CSP) group at Hyland. This will be a huge departure for me, moving on from the OnBase universe in order to explore the Nuxeo universe.

As part of this team, my new role will be that of a Functional Lead within the Nuxeo methodology. I am responsible for non-implementation aspects of projects. I lead discovery workshops, gather requirements, and am responsible for documenting, transforming, and communicating those requirements to the engineering team.


I spend most of my day in Jira, MS Word, and MS Excel. I work on story writing, sprint planning, sprint retrospectives, testing, and most scrum ceremonies.

Solution Consultant 3
Commercial Services Division
March 2020 – May 2022

At Hyland, our consultants often wear different hats…install a service today, configure a case management solution tomorrow, sling some code the day after. Leadership has decided to recognize the numerous hats that we wear and have collapsed the Technical Consultant & Business Consultant roles into one single role called a Solution Consultant. I got my official notice of change today. So I feel less business-ey today, and more solution-ey.


Hyland collapsed two areas of expertise into one. I am now responsible for not only build, but underlying provisioning of infrastructure.

Business Consultant 3
Commercial Services Division
February 2019 – March 2020

November 2019 – Player of the Week Honorable Mention

August 2019 – Global Services Employee Recognition

Jul 2019 – Commercial Services Employee of the Month


As a Business Consultant, we were responsible for all aspects of delivery including design, architecture, implementation, and end user training.

I had a good year, and won several awards.

Business Consultant
Commercial Services Division
December 2017 – Feb 2019

Near the end of 2017, Hyland reorganized the Professional Services Group into verticals. As part of this reorganization, I moved to the Commercial Services vertical as a Business Consultant 2.


A corporate reorganization changed our specializations. After decades of Accounts Payable automation projects, I asked to be located in a vertical that would expose me to other business areas.

Business Consultant Rotation Program
Commercial Services Division
January 2017 – December 2017

In 2017 as a nominee for the 2017 Rotational Program, I have transitioned from the Custom Solutions Group to the Professional Services Group at Hyland where I will be focusing on workflow, case management and other exciting modules in OnBase. Less code for a year, more out of the box goodness for me. I plan to spend this year absorbing knowledge from my peers in PSG.


For the past few years, I was exclusively writing code, designing MS BizTalk solutions, and focusing on lower levels of the stack. For a year, I had the opportunity to try anything else in the company, so I decided to try the general consultant route.

Solution Developer
Custom Solutions Group
December 2012 – December 2016

Design and development of custom solutions with a focus on Microsoft BizTalk. Integrations with Lawson S3, Oracle EBS and Peoplesoft. Designed, implemented and taught Hyland EIS/BizTalk training course.


Joined CSG writing VB.NET, transitioned to C# shortly after. I designed and presented the EIS for Developers course with a focus on MS BizTalk and Hyland’s Enterprise Integration Server.

Enterprise consulting partners

Senior Consultant
May 2005 – December 2012

Total project lifecycle development. ECP was a small company so I often wore a different hat each day. Sometimes doing database design, another day teaching class, managing project resources, slinging code. We did it all, back then.

I joined ECP in 2005, as ECP began to grow and specialize in the creation of Accounts Payable based solutions using OnBase. I was part of the development of the IAConnect and REQConnect projects at ECP. As a primary resource working on the delivery side of implementations, I was a pivotal resource in the development of these modular applications acting in a leadership role to shape the delivery of these solutions, communicating needs from customers to the development team.


Small consulting company. We had three to four consultants, and we did it…all. We were agile, before agile was a “thing”.

We designed and built an accounts payable/receivable suite of applications on the OnBase platform. It was brilliant. Hyland bought us.

Daro consulting group, inc.

Independent Consultant
December 1999 – May 2005

In 1999, I left DoxSys Inc. to found my own company building, web based software solutions for small to midsize businesses. The focus of Daro Consulting Group was to bring agile, user focused solutions to customers allowing small companies to automate and move solutions to the web without necessitating the budget of a large corporation. Worked directly with customers to design, implement and deploy custom solutions both as an independent contractor and as a team lead for internal development projects.

In addition to agile web based application development, I continued to consult in Enterprise Content Management bringing solutions to large corporations and governments agencies like ICMARC, DRS of Washington State, Nextel Communications, CP&L Nuclear Power Facility, and GE Capital among others.

The ICMARC project involved a complete migration of the customer’s internal corporate development efforts from PowerBuilder to Visual Basic. I led the development team to create new development standards, mentoring team members on object oriented design. Eventually, the project ended with the team working independently without the need for outside leadership or consulting.

I worked as a senior developer on a six month contract assignment to maintain and update an existing Government Financial System for the PHNI Project under the USAID. System comprised of a client server based application, and two web-based distributed applications used to manage and distribute funds between Washington, D.C. and numerous mission offices around the world.

Responsibilities included working as team lead, creating and managing developer task assignments in order to address customer bug reports and enhancement requests, using Rational Clearquest; management of release schedule/process in order to facilitate timely updates to production system, with no production down time; evaluating impact of updates and addressing code specific bug problems and enhancements to existing production system; documenting application business rules, and code level modules to create documentation base where none existed in order to streamline future development and enhancements.


In my previous position, our focus was on-prem solutions. The web was just becoming a thing and I wanted to get in early, so I started my own consulting firm.

My business grew instantly, based purely on previous reputation and relationships. I expanded my consulting domain from ECM, to custom web based applications, and was able to participate in many, large scale, integration efforts.

Doxsys, inc.

Software Development Consultant
November 1994 – December 2000

I joined DoxSys as an entry-level programmer in 1994 after graduating college with a non-technical degree. As a startup funded by a larger parent company, DoxSys afforded the opportunity to learn every aspect of the development process. During a six year tenure at DoxSys, I rose from an intern level position to Senior Systems Architect acting in a leadership role for many multi-million dollar development efforts for clients such as development team lead for the US Navy CMS project, the US FDIC, the US Minerals Management Office, Johns Hopkins Institute, US Public Health Services and the US Army, among others.

I was involved as a team lead managing the development of a complete rewrite of the VA Austin Finance Center claims system. The VA had presented a CURE letter to DoxSys for the failure of the initial project. I was tasked with taking the project development team lead position over in order to turn it in a positive direction. Mid-project, the Project Manager left and all project management and all team lead responsibilities came to me. The project ended with written accolades from the customer, and the complete removal of the CURE status.


My first job out of college. I have a degree in Music, so this job was hard fought for. I learned by doing, and eventually worked my way to a senior position, before deciding to leave and explore building my own business.