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Whitewashing Terrorism

Whitewashing Terrorism Republicans have firm rules for fighting terrorism—unless it’s committed by domestic racists. The Republican Party has a clear philosophy on fighting terrorism. First, we must prioritize the fight. Second, we must challenge the teachings that motivate terror. Third, we must confront separatists who promote these ideas in our own country. Fourth, we must monitor networks that fund radicalization…

Boeing 787 Dreamliners contain a potentially catastrophic software bug

The memo doesn’t provide additional details about the underlying software bug. Informed speculation suggests it’s a signed 32-bit integer overflow that is triggered after 231 centiseconds (i.e. 248.55 days) of continuous operation.

Why Baltimore Burned

Do you know why Baltimore burned on Monday? Blame pent-up anger over police brutality and the mysterious death of Freddie Gray. And blame the disgusting looters who robbed stores and beat up reporters — in broad daylight. But the real culprit isn’t a new problem. For decades, Baltimore has struggled to solve persistent inequality that puts people down — and keeps them down.

Orthorexia nervosa: when righteous eating becomes an obsession

Orthorexia nervosa, the “health food eating disorder”, gets its name from the Greek word ortho, meaning straight, proper or correct. This exaggerated focus on food can be seen today in some people who follow lifestyle movements such as “raw”, “clean” and “paleo”. American doctor Steven Bratman coined the term “orthorexia nervosa” in 1997 some time after his experience in a…